iDJ Pro: Shift+Parameter knob for Wet/Dry control

Djay2 and iDJ Pro is a great combo. I’ve purchased the FX pack, and some of those are great for adding some spice into the mix BUT…

The problem with dealing with the Constant FX in the iDJ Pro is that you only have a physical control for the Parameter amount. The Wet/Dry slider MUST be manipulated via touchscreen.

How about you could be able to alter the Wet/Dry value with the Parameter knob by pressing shift and then turning it? Some effects work better by having a fixed parameter amount, and then playing with the Wet/Dry, something that cannot be done efficiently with just the touch-screen.

Adding this extra hardware control could make FX performances much better

Great idea! The shift button is well under-used anyway.
I was thinking of a way that it could be implemented on the idj pro too.
Just hope algoriddim takes notice.

Hi there,

thank you for this idea, please give your Likes in order to up vote this feature request.

Lukas E.