Idj pro sync button not lighting using Djay 2

Hi, I have noticed that on iDJ pro using Djay2 the sync button light does not come on, on first press although it does actually sync. However pressing it again turns the light on and activates the dual tempo matching. It would be good to have the light come on solid on first press and flashing on second press. Please could you fix this as its hard to tell if its been pressed or not . I have just updated to 2.01 and has same problem. Thanks

Hi Ritchie,

The SYNC button only lights up when sync mode is enabled, e.g. when you press sync twice.

First press is sync ( but you can change the bpm with the pitch)
Second press sync -> locks the pitch fader (quick up and dow unlocks it again)

I think its very usefull, if the sync does not match, you can fine adjust it manully (in djay1 not possible)

Sorry for my english