iDJ Pro wishlist

I’ve been playing with the iDJ Pro since it was released and I am very impressed. Here’s some of my ideas for future updates:

  1. 6 bank sampler - a can see this added as a third screen selection in the effects section
  2. Mix playlist creator - I’d like to be able to mark or drag the songs within Djay as opposed to creating a playlist in iTunes.
  3. BPM analysis - not on top of my list but would be helpful to have BPMs available upon adding a song… i’m old-school and use to count BPM’s manually so this is a luxury.
  4. screen light control or outdoor mode switch for outdoor DJing to see the app better

You can control the screens lighting while the app is up! Simple double tap the Home button on the top of the iPad and drag your finger down on the pop out on the left. The first option on the bar is screen brightness!

I love my IDJ PRO IPad System as wall, we need Algoriddim to add a very important feature! We need to be able to see the highlighted songs that have been played. When I’m playing at a gig I like to go back to songs and I need that song to jump out at me(highlighted), easy to find. Also, we need to be able to clear the history at the end of the gig. So, Algoriddim please add this feature it will be very helpful. Thank You!

Why not a full screen sample button mode, but still be able to manipulate the decks with the controller buttons.

This answer has nothing to do with this thread idea at all.
Good to know though.