Idj Pro with djay 2 Problem

Hallo, my idj doesn’t work anymore with my ipad and djay 2. i can’t use any knobs, buttons, start the song, nothing.
Going to settings and search for new midi controller doesnt solve the problem.
It is an ipad 3, newest ios 8.4, newest djay 2 update.
The idj pro is showed in settings with firmware 1.3.9 and Hardware 1.0.0.
I use the original Cable from apple 30-lightning adapter.
Also i tried the app midi monitor. It shows me that idj pro is connected, but touching the knobs/buttons make nothing there.

I also used the original and different power cables, no working.

And from 50x i try all this above written stuff, it works suddenly and then not.

I also deleted my whole Ipad and configured it as a new one didnt solve it.

Freaky: If i connect my iphone 6 and open the djay 2 app, everThing is working fine!!
So u see, i tried everything that u often post here.
Any help??

In case the Midi Monitor doesn’t show any new midi input signals when hitting controls on your iDJ Pro, your controller is defect. Please kindly contact your seller to get it fixed.

I have the same issue. Exactly, once in awhile it will work and it charges too. Has anyone opened the case and soldered a lightning cable into the board?