IDJ2 Crashing on waveform zoom!

Hi There !
So here is an interesting problem, when using IDJ2 with numark IDJPRO, IDJ2 crashes when I select waveform zoom (to replace the platter display with waveform display)
I restart IDJ2 default start-up is an empty platter, load track, press play all in good, but as soon as I select waveform zoom the IDJ2 app just shuts down, doesn’t freeze or anything like that it just disappears with the ipad returning to the home screen.

The problem appears to be with the ipad\DJ2 - I have two Ipad3’s and two IDJ Pro’s, one ipad works fine in either IDJ Pro, the other ipad crashes in either IDJPro

Any ideas?


Thanks for your speedy reply :slight_smile:

hooray yes my next gig is Friday so I hope we can resole it by then :slight_smile:

Hi there,

we are very thankful for pointing out this problem. I was able to reproduce the issue and we are now testing the fix of this issue.
Stay tuned we will provide an update as fast as possible.

Lukas E.

My IPAD2 is also crashing in waveform when using Numark IDJPRo, it is fine in turntable view? Please help i need to use it at fucntion this weekend, thank you