IDJ2GO doesn't turn on on android

Hello! I got the iDJ2GO and I can’t turn it on and connect it to the DJAY app, what should I do? I bought an OTG to Type C cable to be able to connect to my cell phone.

Xiomi Red Mi Note 12
App: djay 3.1.4 (51053)
Device: Xiaomi 23021RAAEG
Language: English
MIDI Devices:
OS: Android 13

@Jonathas_Aquino_Melo the iDJ2GO is currently not supported on Android. You need an iOS device to use this hardware with djay Pro AI.

The list of supported devices on Android can be found below. However, in my years of experience on this forum, if you want the best results with djay, you should try to use an Apple device.

Ok thannks! I will try in a Iphone!

@Jonathas_Aquino_Melo you’re welcome.

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