iDJ3 and djay and ipad simply are not working, what do I need to do to set it all up?

I have the new iPad and Numark iDJ3. Nothing happens in djay when I plug em in and start the program. djay doesn’t acknowledge I have the dj controller plugged in… and nothing happens. help?

I have a Numark iDJ3 and djay. Both Numark and Algoriddim have stated online these work together. In fact, so far, you are the only employee of either company that has said iDJ3 and djay do not work together.

The reason I purchased both is because both companies promote that these work together.

I cannot get any specifics exactly how to set these two up together.

But, yes, both companies are not only promoting that these two work together, but they have also responded to me and stated these two work together.

I don’t know why there’s no specific direct pdf or something that tells me what to do. There’s not anything in the djay program that helps either.

Yes, pretty much it comes down to needing idj live or idj pro to DJ with the iPad. Idj3 + djay on Mac work.

I would like to hear that djay could make a mod to allow the idj3 to work?

From what I hear, yes they do work with the new iPad, but I cannot confirm it myself. I’m also of the belief that a iPad DJ app COULD possibly make the idj3 work with the iPad.

Hi Brad,

Numark iDJ3 is not supported with djay. Are you maybe referring to iDJ live?


Hi Brad,
Can you send the link where it is stated that iDJ3 is supported with djay for iPad?

Is there a fix yet?

OK, thanks Brad. Do idj live and idj pro work with the new ipad 3?

I just a message that says this device draws too much power. Cannot load.

The iDJ3 is NOT supported by djay 2. Or do you use another controller?

Is there already an answer to this problem? I have the same problem: iPad states that device draws too much power.