Idjay live for iPad ios6

I have purchased my son for Xmas a new iPad and idjay live, I have just come across an article about controllers not compatible with ios6, please tell me that my son is not going to be disappointed on Xmas day… I have not set up the iPad or purchased the app yet… Please help?

You’re gonna either have to return it to where you purchased it from (if possible), or you’re gonna need to contact Numark and they will either tell you to send it in to them for a firmware update or they will be able to tell you if yours is not affected by the firmware problem with iDJ Live.

If you go to Numark’s main site, the link is directly below the iDJ Pro display where it says something like “Questions about iDJ Live and IOS 6? Click here”. Then it will give you options on what to do about it.

Con il nuovo iOS 6 , il mio ipad non si connette più al numark idjay live ! Come posso risolvere il problema ?

With the new iOS 6, my ipad does not connect more to the numark idjay live! How can I fix it?

Si richiede aggiornamento gratuito iOS 6