iDJPro Does Not Work

Whenever I connect my iPad to the iDJPro, it doesn’t work…and whenever it does it’ll crash on me. When I plug in my iPad, it recognizes it but it doesn’t connect properly…the lights that have headphones on it do not light up and it does not let me press any button… Let me know if you can help.

Hi Cristina,

Sorry to hear that.

  • Which iPad do you have?
  • Which iOS version is running on your iPad?
  • Which djay version are you using?
  • Do you by any chance have another iPad, with which you can test your iDJ Pro?

Which djay version do you have exactly? Please tap the gear icon and scroll down to the bottom to determine the version number.

Also, please connect your iDJ Pro and open the “Settings” app. Go to “General” > “About”. Is there an entry saying “IDJ PRO”?

I think iPad 3
iOS Version: 6.1.3
djay Verion: 1
I already tried it on another iPad and the same thing happened.