If I have a Midi mixer is better to connect it in Midi mode or in external mode?

Hi, if I have a Z2 Kontrol and 2 cdjs 850 which is the best configuration?
Do I have to connect the cdjs to the mixer (via Midi) and then the mixer to the software in internal mode or is better to connect the cdjs directly to the software?
And if I buy a djm 850 the only way to connect all to the software is by connecting the 2 cdjs to the software and then connect them with the mixer by rca cables?thank you

Hi there,

thank you for your post. 
You can connect all 3 devices to your Mac and use the setup in the external mixer mode.

While being in external mixer mode you can still use the CDJ’s and the midi buttons of the Z2 fully :slight_smile:

Ok thank you very much. Last questions:

  1. how I have to configure in external mixer mode the three of them?
    Deck 1: Select the stereo output source for deck 1 (z2 or cdj deck 1)
    Deck 2: Select the stereo output source for deck 2 (cdj deck 2???)
    Where do I have to select the Z2 device?

2)do I have to midi map the Z2 also in external mode?Have you got a ready mapped file to use?

Thank you so much

It’s impossible to pre cueing in esternal mode. The configuration doesn’t work. If I use z2 I can’t hear the second deck and if I use the cdjs I can’t hear the pre cue.