If I purchase it for my MacBook Pro...

If I buy it for my MacBook Pro, can I also install it to my iMac or do I need to buy it for each individual device? I would like to also have it on my iPad. Just trying to understand how it works. With Serato DJ Pro I am able to at least install on 2 devices. I sent a message to Djay Pro and never heard back from them. Thank you all.


DJay Pro is cross-platform, you can use on all of your devices! On older devices it will have some function limitations but with M1 CPUs will work 100% functionality!

for more info just check here

Hi @Legnar,

As @DJ-Z already said, your single paid subscription can be used on both your MacBook and iMac, but also on your iOS devices and Windows PCs. Simply sign up on one device, create a djay account the. Use the same Apple ID and djay account to log in on your other devices.

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