I'm a radio broadcaster/podcaster to website from home and I'm having issues with djay

I’ve been on the air for 20 years and have just for the past couple of years attempted to get completely away from using the interface only to run my music out of my imac computer, thru a digital mixer and to a CD burner. I would like to just do the show on the computer with the djay software, record it and send it to the station and then to my website. But I’m having issues…1. The mic only comes thru the left channel and 2 there is a nasty delay time between when I speak to when it comes back to me in the headphones. I could really use some advice. Maybe this software isn’t meant to do radio broadcasts, but being that I’m sending it over the internet from my studio, it shouldn’t make any difference. Any ideas?

Hey Jeff,

Did you receive my last email?

As an experiment, please try the following:

  • connect your mic to your M-Audio’s mic input
  • open “Preferences” from the “djay” menu and go to “Devices”
  • select:
    —Main Output: M-Audio ch 1-2
    —Pre-cueing: M-Audio ch 3-4
    —Mic: M- Audio