I'm begging you, I need pictures

I loved the DJay app. It’s what got me in to DJing, and the improvements only gave me hope it would continue to grow.

It seems however production has grown stagnant, and the community’s best and most popular ideas are getting over looked.

But at the very least, coudl you please, PLEASE, add album art thumbnails to the library browser (not only when browsing album), but when looking at songs in any format.

You see, I remember songs and the way I feel about them based on their album art much better than simply using the name. While using Traktor I realized what a big difference that made in my song selection and being able to browse quickly for what I want, which is crucial for being able to keep the vibe going in the direction you want. This cannot be a hard patch to implement, hell it already does it if you are browsing under “Album”.

Please, if nothing else, make this happen


Thank you very much for your feedback. I assure you that, even if it may appear so from the outside, we are constantly working on ways to make all our apps even better.

By the way, which app do you mean - iPad, iPhone or Mac? Also, in case you haven’t heard yet, check this out: djay 2