I'm having problems with repeated track analysis?

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  • Device model: MacPro 12Core (Mid 2010) 2 x 2.93 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon with 128GB RAM + RX580 8GB
  • Version of operating system: macOS Monterey 12.7.3
  • Version of djay: 5.1.2
  • Hardware/controllers used: Pioneer DDJ1000

Summary of the issue:
For example, if I have a playlist of about 100 tracks that I would like to play… I click analyze the tracks… it goes through the process of analyzing each track, one by one… until all is complete, but if I go back to that playlist and click analyze playlist again it will start analysing about 10 tracks out of that 100… more if the playlist is bigger and when that completes, and I ask it to analyze again… it keeps analysing the same 10 tracks over and over again. This doesn’t always happen with all playlists… just some… I find the bigger the playlist the more likely this will happen… the smaller the playlist the better chance there is that it will do a one pass analysis of all the tracks and if I ask it do to the task again it will say all tracks are analyzed.

How to reproduce the issue:
It doesn’t happen every time… but large playlists with over 100 or 200 tracks are most effected.

A playlist…of tracks from where? Purchased tracks on your internal hard drive? Tracks from a streaming service (which one?)?

Hi @CreativeAnto, thanks for the details. As @PKtheDJ suggested, can you please provide more details about your music source(s):

  1. Local Music stored on device?
  2. Local Music stored on external drive?
  3. If local music, what file format (MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc)?
  4. Streaming services, if so which one?
  5. Are your playlists in the My Collection source or somewhere else?
  6. You say that it reanalyzes some tracks repeatedly. Before you re-run the analysis, are these tracks showing up in the library as not analyzed (ie no BPM or Key)?
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Apologies guys… yeaaah… I should have made myself clear that the playlists that I was on about, were all TIDAL based, as that’s the service I use exclusively to stream and DJ with. They display as analysed… but if I analyse the playlist they visually go through the motions of the analysis all over again.

Okay, thanks for clarifying @CreativeAnto. If the tracks are showing as properly analyzed, why are you bothering to analyze them again?
Either way, I will forward this to the engineering team to confirm if this is expected behavior or not.

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Hi @Slak_Jaw

I hear you about analyzing them twice, it’s just that this never happened before… and when I noticed it once… I started trying it with other large playlists and the same thing would happen. I never happened in previous versions… I only wanted to highlight it as a bug really.


Hi @CreativeAnto, the engineering team was able to reproduce this and is investigating further. I’ll report back when I have more news.

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Hi @CreativeAnto, this issue should be solved in djay 5.1.3. Please update and let me know if the issues persists. Thanks!

Hey @Slak_Jaw , I’m very sorry to inform you that it’s still happening for me for sure… I analyse a playlist… example 86 tracks… I go back and analyse again, and it might pick out 4 or 5 tracks that it analyses one by one again… and when it’s complete, if I ask it to analyse again, those same tracks will my analysed one by one again.

Now, that test was with an old playlist that I had made and analysed using version 5.1.2, so I just tried with a new playlist and it seemed to be OK… was the fix to apply to all old and new playlists ?

It’s very annoying, especially now that we have gone from being able to analyse multiple tracks at a time to just one track at a time… a huge step backwards for Djay Pro in my option, and I’ve been a loyal user and fan of the software from the day it was first released.


Hi @CreativeAnto, thanks for letting me know.
I’ll share this with the engineering team. In the meantime, can you please try to capture a video of this, upload it to your Dropbox/Google Drive, enable sharing permissions, and share a link to the video here? I want to give the engineering team as much information as possible so they can get to the root cause. Thanks!

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I’m unsure why it’s a problem for it to analyse tracks, if you’re telling it to analyse tracks.

Surely if they’ve been analysed there’s no need to do it again. If for some reason you DO want to do it again, then it should do it - which is what’s happening.

Will do as soon as I get an opportunity :slight_smile:

Any clear answer in relation to the now singular analysis of tracks compared to the previous multiple analysis of tracks that has been the case with all Spotify and TIDAL tracks up until this latest update…?


Yes, single analysis is normal and expected behavior with the new update. This was a necessary change to address some issues and error messages that various users were experiencing previously with multiple track analysis.

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