Imorting Tracks from German Telekom Mediacenter

Hi there? In Tipps ans Tricks in DJAY its mentioned that its to Import Tracks from Other sources than the iPad Music library. If I want to so that ans push the + Button longen, Nothing Happens. So how exactly do I Import from Other Apps like the German Telekom Mediencenter or any App Of the google cloud Service or so

Hi Warren,
thanks for your answer. I understand. But can you mention any apps that allow copying like the ones for Amazon and Google (or any other) cloud services, other than Apple. Or the GoFlex Satellite wireless App ?
Also: Please let me know how to use DJAY in portrait mode (for iDJ Pro)

Hi Jörg,

djay supports Audio Copy & Pasting. In order to use audio files from other apps, these apps must in turn support copying audio files too. So, copy a song from another app and then you can paste it onto a turntable by tapping and holding the load button ("+").

Sorry, bu I don’t know which apps support this feature. I would have to google it too.

Just connect our iPad to your iDJ Pro and it should switch automatically. Please make sure that you have the latest version - 1.5.1.