Implement a delay when loading songs to a deck before marking as played

I tried Djay with Numark Platinum FX at a small party to see how it works and I noticed that any song loaded in the deck is automatically colored even if I don’t play it and the faders stay down. It’s very annoying because I haven’t used many songs that I uploaded initially and they remained colored in red.

Hi @Adi_Grecu, I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Are you referring to songs being marked immediately as having been played? Can you please share some screenshots to clarify? Thanks

Hi, Slak_Jaw !
Right, songs is being marked immediatly as having been loaded not even played.

And also songs is being marked immediately as have been played, is normal ?
It would be ok for the songs to be marked only after a few seconds

Understood @Adi_Grecu. I recommend instead of loading songs into a deck to preview them, you use the built in preview function in the djay Pro Library view. Not only is the quicker than loading to a deck, but it doesn’t mark the track as played.

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Maybe in the future you can add this feature, to have the possibility to load a track and use for 10 second without without Djay considering that song is being played and marked, because it is not like that and you can use that song later.
P.S. In the new 2024 it is possible to see an official mapping for the Pioneer Opus Quad ?

@Adi_Grecu I will share this suggestion with the dev team for consideration. Thanks!

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