Import Beatport playlists on Mac Djay


As i easily do on the iOS Djay version, i’d like to import Beatport playlist with the Mac version of Djay but i fail to find the way to do this… could someone help me please ? (i just cannot find the arrow menu like the iOS version…)


Hi @JiPenade,

Have you already tried importing your Beatport playlists using the TuneMyMusic transfer tool found at the link below?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


My goal is to import my playlisys easily from beatport to djay. On ipad it s easy : you just click on your beatport playlist then import. But on mac i cannot find this button/feature….

Do i miss something ?


My second goal is to manage my imported beatport playlists into djay : add and remove tracks, move them, etc,…

solved by Algoriddim support :
-first create a djay playlist
-go to the beatport (or tidal) playlist
-select all tracks
-drag and drop them to the djay playlist
not easy but it works :slight_smile:

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