Import Color Tag from Serato/VirtualDJ

I use a LOT the Color Tag feature to quickly identify tracks based on their energy (must play, hot tracks, warm-up, calm…etc).
Since Djay Pro can read Serato cue points and playlists, would be easy to read also this Color Tag ?

Would it be also possible to add this column on iO/iPadOS using a scrollable panel instead of the fixed sized plan for the track lists ???


You can assign a comment to each track of the desired color:

For example, select all red tracks and write #RED in the comment

After that, in djay you can find these tracks by #RED and assign red color to them

Nice workaround, but I already use comment for something else…

I haven’t tried yet but is there a bulk edit feature available in Djay Pro ?

There is currently no meta data editing possible from within DJay Pro AI. You would have to do this outside of DJay.

Also DJay on iOS does not display the Comment field so @Sunwalker’s suggestion likely won’t work for you unless you’re using a Mac or PC or you add the #RED to the Artist or song Title.

Ок, you can create Crates in Serato for each color and already from inside djay massively mark tracks with the colors

This is not very convenient, because. this needs to be done constantly.