Import Cue Points from Traktor (or Serato)

is there anyway to import cue points from traktor into Djay for Mac?

as your feature set improves, more and more people will want to migrate over, however they won’t want to leave hours, if not days of work in traktor setting cue points etc

If DJay Pro supported the Set Cue Points ID3 tags, there would be many switchers from Serato DJ to Djay Pro, especially those of us who like to DJ on their iPad from time to time! Before Serato releases a full-blown iPad DJ app, just saying…

No, I’m sorry, this is not possible. You’d have to set up your Cue Points, again.

Serato takes up the whole window so Im not sure how to copy to iTunes…

Hi there,

In order to import your Crates/ Playlists from Serato/ Traktor please do the following:

  1. Open iTunes 
  2. Create a blank playlist 
  3. Open the Playlist/ Crate you want export to djay Pro 
  4. Select all tracks or the whole playlist (“cmd” + “A”)
  5. Drag and drop the selected tracks into the iTunes Playlist
  6. The playlist will be synchronised to djay Pro automatically
    Note:  djay Pro is not supporting the set Cue points and other id3 tag related informations.

What about crates?

What a lame position for the company to have. The majority of DJs have already established with one of the major applications and put in work to create their cue points. If you want users, you have to make it easy for them to migrate.

Assume there are legal reasons why Serato cues for instance can’t be copied. (guess thats why Traktor got their little utility taken off the wire) But surely there must be a creative legal way to do it. BTW, Traktor’s utility is nice but does not process MP4 video files… buuummmmer!

Consider this: MP3 files belong to the DJ right? Did Serato *ask* permission to modify what legally belongs to the DJ? They effectively have modified a part of the DJs property. So, if the MP3 *belongs* to the DJ, the DJ should be legally free to open that MP3 and extract things from it. Just saying…