Import Djay 2 history to Djay Pro

Is it possible to import set history from Djay 2 to Djay Pro for iOS users? Recently upgraded from Djay 2 - Djay Pro, however, I have all my sets going back 1+ yrs on Djay 2 and rather than write down every set and search for each song in the set, it makes sense to have an “Import” or “sync” feature in pro for previous Djay 2 users to access history/set data without having to search for each track again. As an avid user and paying customer for over 2 yrs, it’s a basic feature that should be included or offered. The app is supposed to help advance and evolve our abilities in the digital dj evolution not slow us down with data entry tasks.

Do you use iTunes?
If so you’d be able to

Hey Karl,

No problem at all, I was actually responding to Jonathan’s original post but didn’t notice it was a year ago.

Actually as far as your post, I actually had the same issue before posting my original response.

I was looking to export a history from Djay Pro Mac to Djay Pro iOS. All I could get was a playlist via text form, kinda like a list I could print (useless).

I found this post, but I haven’t tried it yet.
Note that as of today I’m having problems with Djay Pro 2 Mac not syncing Data while Djay Pro Mac still is.
I will try this, maybe both issues would be resolved.…

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I agree. I exported my play history from djay 2 into the cloud for this very reason.

I’d hate to have to build a que w/ the songs and automix them so I can save the history accordingly.

Yes I recently upgraded to djay pro 2 and can’t seem to export my history to Spotify or PDF unlike djay pro. This is very annoying since there appears to be no real benefit in upgrading other than it looks kinda nicer. I can easily delete history session but can not seem to export it. Hopefully someone can help me in advising how I can simply export my history playlist? Cheers

Hey LBF thanks all the same man but this is not really helpful unfortunately.

Firstly I am not using my iPad, although I do have Djay Pro on that as well but use Djay Pro 2 on my Mac. In iTunes on my MacBook the file sharing option is not there.

Secondly really want to export the history back to Spotify and not just a document of songs previously played. Having the playlist exported back to Spotify I can therefore access the set easily through Djay Pro 2 next time I want to play the same set again or listen to the unmixed set through Spotify.

Thanks heaps for your response though.