Import Midi Configuration Map not visible

I’m working on the DJay Pro Windows software, I’ve been trying to import the midi map (Numark DJ2Go2) which I got from… as opposed to manually setting up everything. However, when I go into ‘Midi Settings/Configure/Midi Configurations’, the menu is blank.

I am trying to test it before I pay for the full version. Can you please advise if this is a problem, or just something that is locked in the demo/Spotify Premium Linked version?


That maping is made for Traktor/Serrato, not DJay.
No I dont believe there is anything locked away in the eval.version of DJay.

I dont know. (Im just a part of this community, not a employee of Algorridim)
Since its allready supported by the Mac-version, it should only be a question of time…

Thanks for the reply. Is there any plan to map this device? I’d love to swap to djay pro for when I’m online to connect to Spotify.