Importing songs from other apps.

Is it possible (and legal) to import songs from a YouTube Premium and YouTube Music app? I have a subscription to both…

I could be wrong but I don’t think You tube premium is available to be used as a streaming service with Djay…
Out of curiosity, what is the quality of the tracks with YouTube premium?
Is it 320kbp?

The only “workaround” might be if you were able to DL YouTube Music/Premium vids to your host machine, but you’d probably run up against DRM trying to play them back outside of approved software/devices…
and 320kbps sounds about right for vids - I would hope it’s higher for music

YouTube is not on the list of supported apps so you will not be successful using them. The available options are listed on this page. They are Tidal, SoundCloud, BeatPort and BeatSource.


So the question now becomes is it possible to save YouTube stuff to those services and have them play it back in djay…I think DRM will be the issue preventing it at the very least, if not the ToS of the services themselves. And maybe djay’s tooo!
Potentially that’s a whole bowl full of legal spaghetti I’d not be interested in having on my table…

I think you got it backwards - these services are not made for getting songs from YouTube or elsewhere into them, they have their own libraries (each with a specific focus) that you can use in djay, with Tidal being the most obvious replacement for YouTube and Spotify. The last option would be music files on your device, either via (née iTunes) or „naked“ MP3s / M4As / whathaveyou.

I was speculating that it MIGHT be possible to DL tracks from those services and save them in a user account for soundcloud…DJs might have such things, for posting their mixes/work - what’s to say they can’t be used within djay other than legalities and DRM? I’m not familiar with what might be in breach of copyright as far as “sampling” is concerned these days, thus the “bowl of legal spaghetti” I suggested.

Actually, this brings up an interesting topic to research: If I use the recording function of djay to capture a mix/performance of mine using licensed material from Tidal, do my subscriptions to djay and Tidal indemnify me from any copyright liability personally if I should post them to my soundcloud artist account and people lift it from there, or…??? (or has soundcloud changed? I used to have an artist account where I could post my work years ago…I should see if it’s still active/open and works the same way as I remember it)

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What I’ve been following…
Mixcloud has licensed good amount of music and it’s currently quite open to Dj’s to publish their mixtapes.

So as long as you follow up Mixcloud rules and they have licensed tracks on your mixtape, your mix won’t be taken down.

Note! Same mix might get flagged on soundcloud, twitch, facebook or youtube!

That’s my experience as well,
I’ve had 27 mixtapes uploaded to Mixcloud and touch wood, none of them have been flagged…
I’ve had a few taken down from Audiomack though…

Two things: 1. recording through djay is disabled when you use any streaming service. 2. Technically, you’re not allowed to use any streaming service to perform publicly (including on the internet) with djay. So currently, having local music files is the only legal way to perform mixes publicly. The platform where you host your mix does not care too much how you got to your recording but they do care very much whether they have the rights to republish. For that, see the 2 posts above mine here.

And this is why l and every Dj should own their own music,
I have a Tidal subscription and prior to that had the Spotify Premium as well, but l only ever used them for emergency or when l am asked to play a track that l don’t have…

What about downloading a playlist in tidal then accessing it in DJay? Is that possible?

I am in rural America and sometimes have no internet access?

This would be a huge help!!

Downloading in Tidal will not help, you will need to download the music inside djay. With Tidal, this is not possible. This page helps again: only Beatport and BeatSource allow offline storage inside djay.

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