Improve Deck Duplication control

With the new Pro AI mix, I often use 4 decks and need to be able to to move the playback between the channels. The current implementation of the “Duplicate” MIDI command is not good enough and does not allow me to freely move the playback between the channels.

What I need is to freely be able to move the playback between the channels / decks. Due to the controllers use, deck 1&2 are somewhat primary decks, while 3&4 remain secondary. I usually start playing on a primary deck, and end up with just a loop/fragment with EQ and “Neural Mix” from the track playing and I prolong it for minutes. I just need my “Primary” deck released for a next track, while moving the loop with the twists to a secondary deck/channel.

Ideally, I would want to select which deck is Source, then hit “Duplicate” on a Target deck. The action should be to load [& play] the track for the “source” deck with identical settings/mode of Playback and Looping. I can then apply the EQ, Neural Mix & the Filter values, and transition to this channel, releasing the “Source” deck for new track.

Many times I wished that I’ve had the feature over the past 2 weeks. None of the current ways to “duplicate” suites me well enough, so I’m asking you to consider an enhancement.

Thank you!

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