Improve Track Transition (UI)

The transition/fade action to play track on the next deck has suffered a regression.
Previously, left/right arrows allowed quick fade to next loaded track, but now a dropdown menu is required (with options rarely used) to access the Transition button. This can easily be corrected to speed up the UI, video detail as follows:

Thanks for the suggestion and video @alex_cumbers. I’ll forward this to the dev team for consideration.

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Hey @alex_cumbers ,
I agree,
I thought maybe on IOS.
The ability to swipe DOWN on that Arrow to trigger the Mix.


Actually, even simpler, without any UI change is to simply touch/click to the right or left (depending on which deck active) of the fade bar OR double click to transition. Double click/tap current functionality moving fader to middle is less useful than a transition. Either way, this is a simple fix without UI changes.

Thanks for the additional suggestions @alex_cumbers. Great idea! I’ve forward this onto the dev team as well.

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