Improved "Snap to grid" when starting a new track for a transition

  • Device model: MacBook pro M1
  • Version of operating system: macOs 14.4.1
  • Version of djay: 5.1.5
  • Hardware/controllers used: generic midi, midi fighter twister

Good day,

Sometimes I like to create a transition where the new track is not started with 0 volume in order to create the effect of a new phrase. It is quite hard to time the start of the track so that the audio is immediately in sync. If the new track is not ‘snapped to the grid’ yet, it produces audio already. I try to compensate for this by starting with lower volume to hide the first out of sync sounds.

Maybe the ‘chunkiness’ of the midi fighter twister push buttons is not ideal for this, compared to real pads … ?

Am I missing possibilities that are already present to improve this?
Would it be possible to enhance Djay with a setting that causes audio to be kept zero automatically until in sync?

Cheers, Bart


On the rane 72 pads it seems easy to hit quite tight, but it would be nice to not have to worry about being tight. With my LaunchPAD mini its really hard to hit the right spot, so some “from the first start quantisation” would be very convenient!

For me, starting most mixes with open faders at the first beat is standard.
(always was, also with vinyl, but there you can have a “pre scratch” to be in time)

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Could you just loop it and then turn up the fader exactly when you want it?

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Yes indeed, with a 1 measure loop … thanks :slight_smile:

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To fit with song structure it gets a bit awkward to do most “preparation workarounds”
Much harder to hear where one bar early is, compared to straight on the right point.

Screenshot 2024-04-27 at 12.35.24

“mute until cue” is a bit better workaround, but just starting on the right spot is preferable for the flow of mixing.

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I will try this. A few songs have an empty measure at the beginning so that you can start early. Looks like this would work similar and at any position. You could create a quick midi control that creates the point, but after that you need to reposition to start early. Maybe with the loop it is also possible to create a quick one touch midi mapping, which has the advantage you don’t need to reposition …

Time to do some homework :slight_smile: