improvements for djay for iphone

improvements for djay for iphone

djay for iphone is yet a great und funny application but

I wonder where are finally the cue points.

I find that djay for iphone should have a minimum of 3 cue-points and, maybe the sampler.

also the feature of waveform-zoom could be integrated.

I wonder, why the ipad version has this features include but algoriddim is not in the position to offer this maintenance features for the iPhone (although the device will cost a lot more than an iPad).

such thing I can not understand.

also it would be nice if the cue-button is touched and hold, and then sliding to the play button and than release, the track no longer stop but the track is than in Play Mode.

The multiple cue point functionality does exist in the iPhone version of djay…at the moment this is only possible if you’ve got it connected to a supported piece of hardware that gives you access to those cue points, such as the iDJPro or the Vestax Spin 2.

The waveform zoom is only present on the iPad version when connected to the iDJPro - I suspect this wont change any time soon.