Improvements for key notation

As we now have possibility to use different key notations,

the workflow using them isn’t quite optimal at the moment.

If I have used Musical Key notation for filters and smartplaylist, they kind of stop working if you change on the fly the music key notation or between restarting the app.

Only way is to remember that A is 11B in Numerical key and 4d in Open key format.

It doesn’t actually matter if you set them up correctly, but if you need have smooth operation, there is no other way than edit all your smart playlist filters correctly like:

Now I can change the key notation while using the app and all edited smart playlists works.

But I could edit all my smart playlist filters, but it would be better than djpro do it internally.
I could make mistakes while editing, but the app already knows the mapping A - 11B - 4d, why would I need to know it ?

And yes I have about 2000 smart playlists set up to use musical key + bpm ranges a lot before these new key notations was introduced.

Editing all of them => easy to make a good amount of mistakes.

So improvement proposal smartlists/filters etc should follow up the key notation changes when we change it on the settings, so that at least there would be no need to edit smartlist filters and set them up correctly.


Hello @dj_romy_fi ,

Thanks for reaching out about these feature requests again and for your ongoing support.

I’ve made sure your improvement suggestions for Key Notation were brought to the attention of our development team for future consideration.
Please know that we greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions, and our team must carefully consider and prioritize all feedback that we receive.

In addition, if other users also feel these features would be useful, we encourage them to vote on this topic thread as well so we have a better idea of the interest from others in our community.

Thanks for your patience and your support!

Been having the same issues when mixing tracks, not yet analyzed to any smart list.
That the vocals and instrumentals are even dynamically in the wrong Octaves, causing Alvin and the Chipmunks like vocals. I’ve even had to cue tracks octaves to match 0,+,or - as there’s not enough BPM to match the Tempos, when mixing non percussion track’s intro, as well any changing time signatures?