Improvements for non-touch screens

Just tried out the new Pro version 5.0 for Windows, and the beat gridding is superb. Way better than anything else out there!

Just wanted to offer some suggestions for improvement for non-touch screens…

1 - When midi mapping options for Deck target, it takes 41 seconds to scroll to the bottom of the list using a mouse wheel. Can the vertical scroll bar be made draggable, or some other way to quickly move around the list?

2 - Can we have tool tips for all of the controls in the gui? Eg I hover the mouse pointer over a control, and it gives me a description of what it does?

3 - UI scaling. When using a mouse, keyboard and controller, I don’t need giant buttons for everything. Can there be an option to adjust sizing of the gui components, so that I can fit more on the screen at any one time?

Thanks, QD

@quadruple_drop thanks for the suggestion! Please use the blue Vote button at the top left of this page so we can gauge user demand for this feature.

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