Improving & Expanding djay iOS Custom Video Content

iOS devices are now so powerful that video projection is a no-brainer addition to any mobile djay’s kit. However, custom video content is unnecessarily limited on djay Pro AI iOS.

It’s also suboptimal to rely on videos shot on the iPad as a source. I never shoot videos on my iPad for use in a DJ set. I generate videos from 3rd party software or download videos elsewhere. I don’t want to be made to jump through hoops to force external videos into the iPad Photos app when the Files app is a much smarter and easier route.

I’d like to suggest a couple of simple ways to make custom video more flexible and varied on iOS, plus easier to select and manage.

In djay on iOS, the only custom video content available is by videos and Live Photos from the device’s internal storage (as viewed in the Photos app).

A much more flexible option is via the Files app which supports easier file use and management:

  • Files can be downloaded / stored locally or streamed off Apple’s cloud
  • File management and selection is MUCH easier since files can be organized into folders, moved, copied, and deleted
  • Files can hold both videos and photos, Live or static
  • Multiple files can be easily selectable at once and dragged onto djay (see MAC OS IMAGE SERIES IN IOS below)

The current djay interface is readily utilized by simply adding a fourth tab in djay’s video source modal using a folder icon to reference the Files app icon.

Djay on Mac OS supports a fun and innovative way to show a series of static images then set them looping in sequence to the beat tempo. This is so fun and allows any DJ to create sets of images that match musical genres like colorful Ganesha illustrations and Bollywood beats or 60s go-go dancers and classic rock-n-soul or massive speakers and dub reggae or 70s/80s discos and, well, disco. Run a keyword search on an image engine and your imagination is the limit! Works wonderfully at weddings too if you get a bunch of old images of the couple. I love this feature for its simplicity and creative flexibility!

Why not bring this great feature to iOS djay? It can easily be accommodated via the Photos route (like selecting Live Photos in current iOS djay) or via Files app selection. Examples:

Photos Multi-File Drag-n-Drop:
Leverage iOS multiple image selection then dragging onto djay video source modal.

Photos Album Selection:
Use albums in the Photos app as a source for a series of images.

Similar to above, only via Files app using drag-n-drop of multiple images or by selecting a folder of images.

Here’s a screenscast video I made to show how latest iOS drag-n-drop across apps method can work with djay:

To make the djay video selection interface simpler, I could let go of Live Photos. It’s an interesting use of available Apple technology, but is very limited in practice because it’s only a single image at a time looping for just a few seconds.

No audience wants to see the same image briefly looping over and over during a song. It gets boring fast and I’m compelled to take time and focus during my set to repeatedly select other Live Photos during the same song to compensate. Live Photos is more of a hassle than a useful feature unfortunately.

Thanks for taking suggestions! I hope this helps and Files app support plus static photo series selection can easily be added to iOS djay. It would make an amazingly flexible and fun app even more creative and interesting for DJs AND their audiences.

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