Improvments for Djay I'd like to see. Correction.. Many djs would like.

First off I wanted to start off by saying I really love your app DJay. Out of all the apps on the App Store it is the most realistic virtual turntable system set the iPad has to offer. But it is lacking in a few areas… I as a actual DJ who uses vinyl knows a few ways you can make your app 200 percent better.

  1. Full size platter mode.
    There should be a button I can press that makes the turntable the full size of a 12 inch vinyl so the scratching is more realistic feeling… And it should be a lot easier to cut … you should have a huge cut switch button that’s dedicated for cutting. What I’m describing is a lot similar to the design that you have on the iPhone for this app the only difference being that it would be even larger so would be 12 inches for the vinyl. I realize that it wouldn’t fit on a 9.7 inch screen so you would do sort of a chopped off side version.

  2. Tone arm lock mode.
    There should be another button dedicated to locking the tone arm so that it can never be accidentally tripped up while scratching. Often times when I’m scratching I hit the tone arm and lose my spot with the sample I have queued up. It is very annoying I wish there was a way to control it sometimes it’s good to have it and sometimes I wish I could disable it.

  3. More customization.
    I think you should be able to angle in position the turntables and crossfader in any position that you see fit weather be in Portrait or landscape. I can’t stress enough how convenient it would be if you could put any turntable in full 12 inch vinyl mode. With a dedicated transformer cut switch.

  4. Auto cut feature.
    This is an excellent feature I just wish I had more control like half time counts double time counts all at the flick of the switch.

  5. Slower platter rotation.
    I think a really good idea would be to have the rotations at the record spins be slower so it possible to pull the record back faster to find a spot you were scratching. As it stands when I scratch sample it takes a long time to pull the record back. if the record was moving slower then it would be a lot easier. Possibly even making it so when you have a record set to high pitch the vinyl rotation still spins slow. The faster the record spins the more difficult it is the pull the record back to recue the start of the sample your scratching.

I hope my descriptions to all the things I’ve included in this email are clear if not please ask me any questions if you’d like me to clear up anything up. I really love this app and I think you could be so much better with a very minor change or 2.

Thanks for your time,

P.s. if anyone else can add ideas. Or add to ideas of mine that would be great.