in Djay Pro for Windows 10 after a while the program regularly freezes and becomes unresponsive

In a 3 Hour DJ shift, this might happen 2 or 3 times. I’m usually playing from Spotifty but I don’t know that it’s only happened with spotify. I’ve tried killing as many background processes, etc. as I can and it still happens.

I have been able to recreate this problem while using auto play. I don’t know if it is time based or track based, but it always tend to happen around the 40th track or so. It will freeze and if you manually load a song onto another deck it will only play about 11 seconds of that song before it freezes again. I was monitoring my system resources and nothing appears to be over taxed. I also deactivated all my programs that were startup programs, and rebooted, to open up system resources. I was still able to re-create the problem. Hopefully my screen shots will help guide you in the right direction toward a solution. I also made a dump file, but I don’t see a way to upload it on here.

same here any movement on an update for windows version?

No, and when there will be, we can wait another year to have a part of the issues fixed…

Sad that the development of this software is so slow…

Same here!!!

Totally corrent


Same reason I bought This software.
Tried it once at a gig and after about 30 mins in it crashed so i had to keep booting. It was very awkward because I told the manager how simple and smooth the software Was with Spotify integration. Haven’t heard from the bar manager since That Night.

I’m the OP and last time I didn’t use auto play at all and it was fine

I’ve been passing bugs to support for months.
There’s been no updates since May so I’m eagerly awaiting a new release.
I’ve tried 2 controllers,
DDJ-SB2, We-Go, DDJ-SX and the Denon 6000 MK2 which won’t map correctly, buttons stuck on all over the place.
Here’s what I’ve experienced over the last months,

  1. Automix freezes using a Spotify playlist after about the 5th track
  2. Scrolling through Spotify with browse button causes it to stick and keep bouncing
    to last track in list.
  3. Platters become unresponsive
  4. Play / Pause stops working
  5. EQs, filter sweeps and trim level defaults all need calibrating to absolute zero
  6. Erratic levelling with trim knobs when moved up or down.

If I’m honest this software should never have been released to the general public,
it’s should still be in beta and I do feel like I’ve wasted my money at the moment,
you can’t use it in a live environment it’s just to unreliable.
I’m sticking with Serato and Pulse locker, for now at least.

I have been having the same problem as the original poster. Do we know if Algoriddim has a fix for this or do we need to wait for a new release? Thanks!

Algoriddim gives a fuck on the windows version. It’s kind of an open secret.

since about february they emphasize from time to time that they current work on the windows version.

I guess that the next thing that will happen is that they will release again a half finished pro 2 for windows, and after that they will neglected it as before.

I also assume that this will take quite a while. until then there will be
surely no update anymore for the old one.

Of course you have to pay $50 again if you want to upgrade.

Same issue here. I sure hope they fix this.

So I’ve found virtual DJ! Game over!

Is anyone running 16gb of ram and still crashing?

yeh it crashed for me also after a couple of hours - just froze and exited whilst using for a gig, i’ll be asking for a refund if it continues