In DJay Pro for Windows, can I use just a splitter cable to make pre-cueing work?

I have my first club gig in less than two weeks, and I need to use pre-cueing for the first time. I thought I had what I needed with just a y-cable splitting from my laptop 1/8" headphone output-- one stereo, split out to two mono (left and right). I don’t have money to invest in equipment, so I’m hoping there’s a solution where I just use the right cable. (It doesn’t seem to be working right with just the y-cable I have, I keep hearing both channels, the Mix and the Cue.)

Hi Michael,

Thank you for getting in touch.
Please make sure Split Output is activated when you connect the Y Cable in the djay settings.

Is that the case?

Yes, I go to Menu - Configure audio device - Pre-Cueing, Device, and I choose Split Output, and click Apply. Then I adjust volumes under Pre-Cueing-- two controls: low-to-high and cue-to-mix.

I play track 1 and track 2, with the fader all the way to track 1. I listen to each of the outputs at the end of the y cable (“left” and “right”) and they both seem to be behaving the same way-- can’t get one output to give me the full mix, while listening to the cued track in the other output.