In Djay Pro, how can I project main video to external screen while keeping mixer with two video decks on my Mac (video mixing Dj)

I am trying to project the main video to an external screen in Djay Pro while keeping the video deck mixer on my Mac to be able to continue to mix and cue, but so far, I am only able to mirror my Mac to the external screen with the mixer decks or just expanding the main screen…

Is there a setting somewhere in Djay Pro to change video output to external screen to the main (playing) video while keeping the mixer deck on my Mac/computer screen? If so, please explain how I can achieve this.

Thank you!

He never said he was using AirPlay. I’m having same issue using hdmi adapter to projector. It mirrors the whole screen not just the center video.

no you works great.

hook up apater in mini dispay port to hdmi. it will show up once you connect to projector,when its turned on. click on bock upper right corner of video screen.

I assume you are referring to djay on iOS. Please note that the Lightning to HDMI adapter doesn’t support MIDI controllers. This is a hardware restriction and limitation of the Lightning port that we have no control over, it only supports a single data stream (HDMI *or* MIDI). That said, Apple’s new iPad Pro with USB-C does support using HDMI and MIDI controllers simultaneously, and you can select in djay if the audio should go via HDMI or the MIDI controller’s audio interface. I hope this helps.

What about audio? I’m not getting audio to my Apple TV when using the recipe above.



Hi Levente,

Thanks for your question!
Please follow these steps in order to output your video via AirPlay:

  1. Connect your MacBook via AirPlay with your AppleTV
  2. Click on the AirPlay icon in your menu bar and choose “Use As Separate Display”
  3. Now go to vjay and click on the “TV” icon in the top right of the main vjay screen, in between the two decks.
  4. Choose AirPlay as an output screen and select show

I hope I was able to help you!

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hello Lukas,
regarding the video output signal to a screen without losing the mixer deck on my MacBook Pro-
above answer does not get me there.
 The goal is to keep the  video and audio mix to a extern screen and amplifier , but not losing the control on the MacBook DJay mixing display??


You can go into video mode and select an external screen. Then click out of video mode to control your audio. You will notice that the video mode keeps playing out the external source. The only think I do not like about this is that for some reason the full screen external video can still control the audio. Why I have no idea since there is nothing the user can see except graphics. I am going to log this as an issue. But if I understand what you want all you have to do is select your external screen then go back to 2 audio and you can have both.

If you are using an hdmi adapter please make sure your mac is set to “use as separate display”.
Now you can select the connected projected/tv/display etc. as video output source, check the attached screenshot as example, i used the “ASUS VW228” as output while the djay Pro mixing interface was displayed at my Mac.

I have the New Version of DJAY Pro and The Mixon 4. I have tried everything in my power to keep my audio to my system and project visuals onto my screen NOTHING works. I lose control of my Mixon and I also lose all my sound to my speakers. It switches my sound to the TV. NOTHING works. No employee has helped after numerous emails and they refuse to call me.

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You should implement a syphon output on Djay pro! it is super helpful!

so can i confirm… macmook pro can not run music and output video simultaneously?