Inbuilt Fx (echo, delay, etc.) don’t work when i connect Traktor Kontrol S3 in midi mode


I have been trying to map the Fx to my traktor kontrol S3. Then, i have realised that almost every effect (FX) doesn’t work properly in the software when i connect the MIDI controller to the tablet, even if i tried to activate them from the IPad Pro 2020 while connecting to the MIDI controller. Actually, they all perform as a filter effect. I think that this looks like a bug.
Although, when i used them without the midi controller they work correctly.
Could you fix it please? I was very glad with the midi mode (after firmware upgrade), mappping all actions I want (neural AI, loops…), but this ruined all the set up for this controller i have because the main effects don’t work.

Thank you very much in advance,


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