Incompatibility Issue with Android Tablet

Are there specifications an Android tablet needs in order to use DJay 2? I just bought an ASUS 7" tablet with a ton of apps and access to Google Play store, but there is a compatibility issue and DJay 2 won’t open – It just freezes on the homescreen logo. It works great on my LG phone, but I want a bigger display (and don’t have the money for an iPad).

I too just bought an Asus MemoPad FHD 10 ME302C tablet running an Intel CPU and the first few times before an update djay2 ran just fine. Now it freezes on the loading screen.

In another support topic a djay2 representative said it only runs on ARM processors in reply to someone having a Galaxy Tab 3, which is indeed an ARM Cortex CPU. I’m very confused as to compatibility myself and don’t understand why mineworker before an update on a tablet with an Intel CPU.

Thanks, Kirashi. I’m about to head over to Best Buy and swap it out for something with the non-Intel processor. Have a great weekend!

I took it back to the store and this great guy I know (huge HUGE gamer) took a look at it and suggested I get it back home and do firmware and system updates until it didn’t have any more. It took around three restarts and loads perfectly now!