Inconsistencies in quality when posting recording to SoundCloud

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Novice here: I made a mix on my phone, recorded it, and posted it to SoundCloud. It sounds better in my headphones than it does in my car. There are inconsistencies in volume and/or bass, from what I can discern. I was wondering if this is because of the way I mixed it.
I don’t think the issue happened when transferring to SoundCloud because the original file that I saved on my phone also sounds better in my headphones than in my car. Anyone have a similar experience? I appreciate any advice.

I wasn’t sure if it’s appropriate to share the link here. :see_no_evil:


Welcome to production world. There’s a lot to learn about it.

What I usually do before uploading tracks is do a little bit mastering for example using Audacity (free tool) to normalize the whole track to somewhere -1.0 db.

What it means that you can use tools to fix the track so that the too silence parts and too high volume parts to be more “ear friendly”.

Then I listen again in car/headphones if the changes were better. Usually they have been.

Well, the car=“metal box”, ain’t the optimal surface for music listening. Audio waves reflects from different surfaces to so many multiple directions as the car ain’t “flat surface” like your home wall.

But to find good tools for phone/pc/mac and really learn how to use them is really worth your time.

At least I’ve learned a lot what was wrong on my mixing techniques while listening own mixes and analyzing them on audio production point of view.

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Hey thank you for the advice, I will try that tool! :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

I wanted to chime in and thank @dj_romy_fi for the great advice!

Additionally, if you have any further questions @T-MinusMusic, feel free to ask away as we aim to have a helpful and informative community for users such as yourself!

Thank you both for being members of our community and have a great day!

Hi my friends!

Update: I recorded my second mix and this one sounds much better on SC! What I think happened: the first mix, I recorded two sections. Then, I mixed those two into one. Maybe in re-recording, it lost quality. The second one was one continuous mix, track after track. And I am happy.

Thanks friends, best wishes!
Love and beats,
T-Minus Music

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