Inconsistency between Menu Library Commands and Prefs Shortcut options


I want a key assigned to the function 'Add selection to queue", which is a Menubar command (‘Library->add…’)

To do this I use ‘Prefs->Shortcuts’ and choose a key. Then choose Target ‘library’ and Action… ahum. No ‘Add selection to queue’ option.

Please solve this, or rather, please create more Queue Actions in Prefs->Shortcuts


Off course, why didn’t I see that myself, so obvious… (sarcasm off).

Thank you very much for revealing this hidden feature.
No kidding’, this is what I need ! Thx !

After testing I found out that ‘Mark Selected Tracks’ does NOT work, but:
‘Mark/Unmark Selected Tracks’ DOES the trick. Now I can carry on with my life.

This command adds traces to the queue

I’m happy to have been helpful