Incorrect BPM and Beatgrid

im not sure about anyone else but this just tends to be for drum and bass tracks…
when i load a new song in to the waveform and its analyzes the track it doesnt always get the correct bpm… and also with the waveforms it doesn’t always match up correctly to the beat therefore when trying to line up two tracks it becomes harder to do so… any idea’s?

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Hi Brad,

We’re currently investigating this issue, so it would be great if you could provide more information regarding the songs on which this problem occurs.

Hi Roger,

We’re still looking into this. If you can also provide information regarding affected songs, we’d really appreciate it.

Your problem is that you cannot switch between djay 2 and Djay Pro.
I had prof of this and addressed this years ago, algoriddim is aware of this Issue… has never been addressed.
Try it… reset your beat grid on a song on your Mac, then open same song on djay 2 on iOS and vice versa.
You’ll even notice the beat grid reset in real time.
I love djay 2 for the album artwork on vinyl.
Wish Pro via iOS has this. Only available on Djay Pro 2 via Mac.

Dear Warren,

Did you guys make any progress in the beatgrid issue.
I guess you are aware of the fact that there IS a problem in correctly analyzing tracks with djay 2. Djay 1 did the job much better.
Can we expect an update soon?

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Beatgrid completely wrong, cannot adjust?.

So I;m using the most up to date version of dJay on my iPad 2 and iPhone 4, and just want to say the Spotify integration is an absolute game changer. Suddenly my Traktor S4 set up is looking prehistoric.

However, I have a major issue with the beatgrids. I loaded up Pelari - Rave from my iTunes library, pretty standard 128 bpm 4 to the floor fare, and it’s managed to get the beat grid way off. Tempo is fine, in fact it’s nailed the tempo every time.

So I went to Spotify, loaded up Iggy Azalea - Fancy, 95 bpm, and it got that right, but again the beat grid is way off. I thought, okay, Hip hop beats can be a bit tricky for a computer to figure out (50 Cent - In da club anyone?)

So I went back into Spotify and loaded up Route 94 - My Love. 124 BPM 4 to the floor, and it missed it completely again. Now I’m absolutely fine with it missing it, because I know where it should go so I can just arrange the grid to start from the actual down beat… Only to find that I cannot set where the downbeat really is!

I mean what!? This is a standard feature of beat gridding for over a decade now. Traktor DJ and Rekordbox both implemented this feature straight away from launch. I can mix by ear, although I do find it tricky using the - + buttons on an iPad since, by nature, pitch bend buttons are quite a clunky way of beatmatching (and the iPhone layout puts these controls on a different screen, terrible idea!)

Please, Please, PLEASE try and add this feature as soon as you can. You don’t need to fix the auto beat grid as such, because like I said it nails the tempo every time (so far), but not letting us set where the downbeat is borderline criminal.

Other than that, I’m already pricing up a 4G iPad + Reloop Beatpad to replace my Traktor rig, because this right here is the future.

(It may be the case I’m just missing something and this feature actually is in the software, in which case, I apologise profusely for my misguided anger, but I’ve done some digging and read a few topics and I’m pretty sure this isn’t the case)

Hey Eya Matsliah,

since then the beat analysation should be better. Can you tell us what genre you are working with?

Lukas E.

2 years have passed.
I’m having the same problem.
any progress ?

Hey Lukas,
I get this on long Dj-sets.
As i see it, DJay should show the right bpm for every section of the track:…


Similar problem on djay 2 iPhone and iPad, beat grid become of, if the song have a part without kick, is happening on all the tracks I try, genre deep house, tech house, techno. The same tracks on Traktor DJ are beat grid perfectly without any problem, before and after the part without beat/kick. Kind of make me crazy, because the first cue point I set correctly and after first part without beat, everything become of beat… can’t use, just to play open format without beat mixing. The same tracks on Day Pro Mac are working ok. So Mac ok, iOS not.