Incorrect Key value

This issue is regarding the iPhone version of the app.

The 2.7.9 patch seems to have brought about some bugs regarding the key analysis for tracks.

The 2.7.10 patch corrected the issue of key values not appearing in the library, however I have noticed that some tracks library keys are not the same as their key when loaded onto the deck, which is fine so long as the new key is displayed in the library. This is not the case.

Before 2.7.9 it was the case that if a track loaded up with B Minor key for example but appeared C major as in the library, after it was analysed the key in the library would become B Minor. This is no longer happening and the program is telling me that the track is still C Major (in the library) even though it will play as B Minor (on the decks).

I noticed this only once. It may have happened more but, yes it was alarming.

I would suggest re-analyzing those playlists. Perhaps there is a newer , more accurate? algorithm. Try deleting the cache and re-analyzing those songs.

You might have changed the Pitch of the track. To have a check on that, please tap the little arrow next to the Key and set the “PITCH” to “0”.

Thanks a lot for the information, guys. After the analyzing, djay 2 should be overwriting the Key at the Spotify library. Obviously, this isn’t working out for all tracks, since the latest update. We’ll fix that!
We kindly ask for your patience in the meantime.

Hi Adrian, thank you for your reply.

In the image provided the pitch is set at zero (I just have key-lock on) which is what’s bothering me since this undoes all the hard work of the last update to restore the sort by key feature in the library.

Essentially I will be looking to mix my next track, thinking that it is a compatible key (according to the library) only to load the track up & see the key information is not consistent with the what is in library, therefore the track is not compatible and is something completely different than what the library said it was.

I’m not sure if other users are having this issue, since I seem to be the only one reporting this issue, but I would like to see whatever key is represented on the decks be represented in the track library like it used to do prior to 2.7.9.

Again, thanks for your reply as it means you guys are now aware.

This is very alarming since the majority of my playlist are mismatched keys and I can’t do anything about it.

Is there a way to do that without uninstalling the app itself?

Cheers Adrian. I appreciate the time you guys take to respond to our concerns and implement the changes.

All in all, this is a fantastic app and I can hardly put my phone down because of it.

I look forward to the fix!

Hi there,

I experience this same issue that when I load tracks from Spotify- the key is different when loading the same track from my computer… im assuming that the WAV files loaded off my computer are being analysed accurately and that the files in spotify are maybe not being analysed correctly?