Indicate Track progress using waveform colour

Currently the red vertical bar is hard to quickly see indicating playback position.
Change this to fill in (e.g: red) the wave form from start up to current position, which makes it immediately obvious. Similar to other DJ software.

I know it isn’t, but it’s more effective. It can be implemented as an option for those who prefer it

It’s a good question. The bar should also be 2-3 pixels wide to stand out more.

Hi, I wanted to see if there are any improvements on this?
A very simple idea with be to either flash the play / remain time and/or change its colour.

No way… we fought to get the bar. This is not Virtual DJ.

Unfortunately, they don’t do “options” in this software, as you can see. It is the way it is.

I’m curious why the bar is better than a shaded fill?

Hi guys, 

thank you very much for the idea, I passed this internally to our team.

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No improvements so far.
Would be great if other users push the topic which feel the same.

Thank you for your feedback Alex :slight_smile:

Cheers,Lukas E.