Individual Track when recording....

I was curious to find out when you guys r going 2 have individuals tracks when i record instead of the all the songs on 1 track,its very hard if u want to playback a track you can’t,i think its something u should create,other than that Djay is cool…

Hi Paul,

Please could you explain your idea a bit more so that I can understand the real-world use?

Surely as you are already playing from individual tracks then you don’t need individual tracks recorded out? I have never seen recording from what is essentially a “Master Out” being split across channels - that is a mixing desk surely?

Or are you talking about splitting/bookmarking tracks on your recorded output so that when you playback your mix you can “skip” to the next/previous track?

If so, there are loads of apps out there that can do this for you whilst leaving the playback seamless and CD-burn friendly.

Audacity is a great (free) app that should do this for you. Plays/Exports loads of file formats and is feature-rich. It should be able to let you export the split tracks and make it iTunes-friendly, ready for gapless playback and re-burn back out to CD if so wish.

I hope this helps.