Infinite playlist

Many DJs play in key (chromatically). Let’s say you have playlist that fits the crowd and your current track is in key F or Dm (bottom of playlist if it is sorted by key). Closest compatible key are Bb/Gm (tracks with this key are on top of tracks with F/Dm) and C/Am (those tracks are on the very top of the playlist). So in order to get to C/Am you have to scroll a lot (if your playlist 100+ tracks). If we make playlist “infinitive”, it will be much faster. To let you know that playlist is starting again we can put a separation line between Dm and C (red dots on the picture). This feature might be called Infinitive Playlist and turned on/off in settings.

Hi Juri,

nice thinking here. Would be great if other users Me too your idea in order to push it.

Keep up the good work,

Lukas E.