Inpulse 500 & Fader Start

I have tried to assign the combination Shift + Channel Fader with Fader Start on the Inpulse 500. Unfortunately, I cannot find a corresponding option to select. This was not a problem with the Mixtour. Are the selection options so dependent on the respective controller or have I simply overlooked this?
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Hi @Chris_R, I went through all of the MIDI commands in djay Pro and couldn’t find this either. So, I believe this is one of those things that is programmed internally and not available through the MIDI Learn tool in djay. If you have experience with XML files, you might be able to add it there.

Of course, this may have something to do with it. Nevertheless, with the Reloop Mixtour I can also select this in the MIDI learning tool and assign it to any button on the controller. It actually seems to depend on the connected controller which options are displayed in the configuration.
I have already tried to copy the function from one file into the other, but unfortunately that didn’t work. When I have a bit more time, I might have another look at it.

@Chris_R, can you please share a screen shot of this MIDI command when connected to the Reloop Mixtour? I’d like to discuss this further with engineering. Thanks!

Of course! Here is a screenshot:

The action can be found in the decks under “Cue Points”.

Really? That’s the MIDI command mapped to the Fader Start action on the Reloop Mixtour? That doesn’t seem right.

That irritated me too, but it works. Basically, this is the function for Fader STOP. But since I set this, the Fader START also works. :thinking:

@Chris_R, that’s weird. Well there must be some hidden MIDI messages happening then. I’ve just messaged the engineering team to see what they have to say.

@Chris_R, okay I spoke with engineering and this is what they had to say:

“The way fader start works with supported controllers is that the controller sends a certain MIDI note when the fader leaves the edge while shift is pressed. So to djay that looks like just another button is being pressed. We map that to the Jump to start CUE and Play action.”

So what that means is, while this command is available in the djay MIDI Learn tool, there is no way for you to send a separate MIDI command for when the fader leaves the edge. This needs to be done inside the XML file.

Ok, thanks for the info. I think I’ll have another look at the structure of the midi file on this point soon.

You’re welcome @Chris_R. Please let me know how that works out.

@Chris_R there’s another option that might work for you. With the new Crossfader FX, you can enable Auto-Play When Moving Crossfader in the Settings>General. This is similar to a fader start, but using the Crossfader instead of channel faders.

All right, thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome @Chris_R

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