Input lag via Bluetooth / airplay to a receiver

Was just looking for some input from others. Whatever I do I can’t seem to figure out the 3-4 sec input lag whenever I stream from my Mac / iPhone to my Onkyo receiver over airplay / chrome play / Bluetooth.

It makes it essentially impossible to DJ as anything I do gets output to the speakers 3-4 seconds later. My Onkyo is hooked up to the in ceiling speakers in the house and I was really hoping for a wireless solution for my issue.

I guess the question is who’s at fault and how to work around it, I am thinking it’s a Onkyo “issue”.

lastly, I need input on how can this be solved. I could use it wired with RCA which would eliminate the lag but that defeats the purpose of me being able to DJ anywhere in the house.

I was looking at a wireless RCA transmitter receiver solution but am not sure which to pick and whether they work well as I’ve never tried these.

Any other solutions I might try ?

We have had success using the XVIVE U3 to make a wireless speaker solution using XLR. Virtually no lag. We come out of the XLR outputs from our controller but we also sometimes use an RCA to XLR connector to the XVIVE.

You will always have latency when dealing with Bluetooth audio. It’s unavoidable (though some systems might fair better than others, depending on DSP). It’s why there is pretty much no wireless audio for DJs at the pro level. Every bit of kit is designed to reduce latency as much as possible.

Honestly, I’m not even sure wireless RCA systems will help. They might improve it a bit, but you will still have some latency compared to wired connections. I would test anything before you buy to make sure you’re happy with it. If you’re struggling with the delay, you’d be better off just getting a long set of cables you can run around the edge of the room to wherever you’re mixing from.