Instances of audio clipping and skipping in djay Pro 1.0.27452.0 for Windows

Poor attention to audio transients in djay Pro for Windows. The audio clips when toggling Kill Low/Mid/Hi. The developers should add a very short (imperceptible) ramp up/down in order to avoid discontinuities in the waveform. The audio also clips when passing through the “0” (middle) position on the filter knob (almost as if the audio stream was disconnected and reconnected between a high-pass and low-pass filter). There are better ways to implement a filter knob.

A second problem that desperately requires optimization in djay Pro for Windows is the ability to change the loop size while a track is playing. Currently, the audio skips and falls out of sync every time the size of the active loop is changed. This type of operation should not affect the audio stream!



P.S.: Adding a Full Kill EQ would also be nice…

System information:
djay Pro (Demo) 1.0.27452.0
Windows 10.0.17134 (64-bit)
Intel Core i7-4810MQ

Hi Patrick,

I am sorry to hear that.
Could you send us an exemplary video of the issue via

That would help us a lot. Thank you in advance.