Instant Double the Deck 2

I would like to choose which deck will be doubled.
When deck 1 and deck 2 are playing at the same time, when I Instant double on deck 3, it duplicates always the deck 1.

Of course if deck 2 is playing and not deck 1, it’s deck 2 that get doubled.

But in my case I play both decks, I would like to extend the beat of my finishing track by sending it to deck 3 or 4, but if it is on deck 2 I can’t do that, it will always double the deck 1.


Hi @le3_dj,

“Load Double” currently doubles the song from the deck that djay internally considers the Master Tempo Deck. The logic used to determine the Master Deck goes like this:

  1. Find the loudest deck that is in sync mode and actively syncing (e.g. not scratching or slipping)
  2. Otherwise find loudest deck that is playing
  3. Otherwise find loudest deck that has a song loaded

The volume of a deck is determined by considering both the crossfader and the deck’s channel fader volume.

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