Instant Doubles - Neural Mix Parts

Instant Doubles is the only thing I am not really switching fully yet . Don’t get me wrong it doubles ! But if doubling with Stems it does not duplicate the stems with it !! It stays on Normal Track . :thinking: Hope it gets a Update for it .

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Hi @Djrichs, this is intentional and expected behaviour. Neural Mix controls are separate from Instant Doubles so the user has full control of each double.

However, I will share this feedback with the dev team for consideration. Thanks.


Mith my FLX 10 DJAY PRO mapping i can make instant double stems in DJAY PRO
take a lokk in my script to map your controller



Thanks for the reply , in Serato when you double the Track or Instant double a Track that has neural or stems on it doubles it already with Stems activated on the other deck . So you don’t have to activate it twice .

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You’re welcome @Djrichs. I’ve already forwarded this onto the dev team for consideration.

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When I have tracks loaded on decks 1 and 2, and hit double on deck 3 or 4, it always doubles deck 2, never deck 1 even if deck 1 was the most recently loaded in. Is there a way to choose which deck is doubling?

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Hi @DJ_Venn,

“Load Double” currently doubles the song from the deck that djay internally considers the Master Tempo Deck. The logic used to determine the Master Deck goes like this:

  1. Find the loudest deck that is in sync mode and actively syncing (e.g. not scratching or slipping)
  2. Otherwise find loudest deck that is playing
  3. Otherwise find loudest deck that has a song loaded

The volume of a deck is determined by considering both the crossfader and the deck’s channel fader volume.

It would be awesome if on decks that were currently in use, instead of load double it would say send double (deck 3) or send double (deck 4), or show a branch for available options. Also it would be great if it showed those options even if the screen was in 2 deck mode.

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