Instrumental + acapella switch button?

I use the Rane One. Is there a way to map a button that that will instantly switch a decl to accapela while also switching the other deck to instrumental or the other way around? I hope this makes sense. Thanks in adance.

@SamJam this should be possible. Essentially you need to:

  1. Map a free button on the Deck 1 side of your controller to Target: Deck 1 and Action: Neural Mix Solo (2ch: Acapella)
  2. Use the Duplicate function by siding left on the MIDI command you just made.
  3. Select this new empty MIDI command right below the one you just mapped.
  4. Now map this to Target: Deck 2 and Action: Neural Mix Solo (2ch: Instrumental)

Now when you press that button Deck 1 with switch to Acapella and Deck 2 will switch to Instrumental.

You’ll want to repeat this process with a second button on the Deck 2 side so you have the choice of Deck 1 or Deck 2 being the Acapella side.

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Excellent I will try this. Thankyou.

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I cant dind the duplicate option on my Macbook :upside_down_face:

Sold my MacBook so I can’t help you there. I’m sure it’s available via a r-click or something like that.

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Yes thats it thanks.

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