Integrate Subscription-Based Sample Libraries

Good Day,

Looking for an update to the Sampler/Looper library. Been a while and was wondering if there were any plans for that or even something better…to integrate sample libraries like Splice or Loopcloud.

I have subscriptions to both and I thought it would be quite incredible to allow DJ/producers to integrate their accounts much in the same way as the Tidal or Beatsource integrations.
For example, DJs could use the current loop grid to load subscription-based or local loop files. Click on the Looper Pack drop down, select Get More Packs, then click on the subscription you have and sign in. Or select a designated folder where your loops are located. Then they would appear as one of the Looper Pack options.

I imagine the Looper Packs currently available are curated to conform to the 8x6 grid. So maybe allow a drag and drop into the loop grid. When dropping the loops in, there should be an option to add BPM and key information. Take a look at Ampify Studio for Mac or Ampify Launchpad for iOS. They have a nice system for setting this up that allows for fast custom sample packs for live performance. The importing feature is of particular importance. Check out this screenshot:

Firstly, you might notice that there are both Tempo and Beats options with 39 and 8 respectively. This provides invaluable options while looping. If the tempo is 60 then the Beats are 16 and so on. Secondly, you will see the Key information. When it is “Off” this would be used in the case of drums or a sample you do not want affected by the global key. The Global Key is set so that all imported audio with key information automatically pitch themselves to match. Set this to auto match the currently playing song on the decks or manual mode. Optionally, use the crossfader to pitch up/down from the current key to the new key.
Thirdly, a 4th input category option would be good to ask what type of audio it is with 3 checkboxes…drums, melodic, or vocals and then color code them so that they can visually be identified while mixing.

Let me know your thoughts.

DJ Supe

Hi @djsupe,

Thanks for all the great feedback!

While I cannot speak on any future plans to integrate any subscription based sample libraries into djay the idea sounds great.

Also, Thank you for the thorough detail on how this could be implemented and it’s relation to Ampify. Very interesting stuff.

I will pass this along to our dev team for further review and update this thread with any news of such features becoming available in djay.

Have a great day!

@NathanielAlgo are there plans to update the existing sample library with new packs? If so please ask the team to implement more Lo-Fi, Soul, Future RnB, and modern Hip-Hop.

DJ Supe

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Hi @djsupe,

While I cannot comment on the possibility of updated sample libraries I can say that we are constantly looking to improve djay in new ways.

I’m sure the team would appreciate seeing this request so I will pass it along to them as well.

Have a good one!