Integration between Mixdeck Quad and Djay 2 doesn't work.

So I bought Djay 2 and I have a numark mixdeck quad but for some reason, they don’t work when I connect them…any ideas why? I would really appreciate it.

Hi Eddy,

Sorry to hear that. Please provide more information so we can better assist you.

  • Which iPad do you have?
  • Which iOS version is running on it?
  • Which djay version are you using exactly?
  • How is the Mixdeck Quad connected to the iPad?

What exactly doesn’t work? Did you select the correct “Source” on both decks (=USB MIDI)?

I am not the only one then…

Running ipad2
iOS version is 7.0.4
I have Djay 2
With the cord that come with mixdeck quad.
It worked before it just stop working. Plz help.